Stefano Moccetti

guitar maker since 1982


Classic guitar made of rosewood I

I build guitars ranging from concert classic to flamenco. I use spruce for the harmonic tables, rosewoods (Indian, Rio, Madagascar) and cypress for the sides and the backs.

Classic guitar made of rosewood II

Classic guitar made of cypress wood

My guitars, following authentic Spanish tradition, are constructed without compromises, completely by hand in every detail, technical or decorative, like the sober decorations and inlays that are the result of the juxtaposition of natural woods. The few guitars that I manage to produce annually are addressed to demanding and sensitive lovers of music and of an ''instrument'' that becomes a protagonist.

Flamenco guitar

The Spanish classical guitar finds its counterpart in the flamenco guitar. One who loves the first cannot be disinterested in the latter: if not the same instrument, they are at least two sides of the same coin.

I construct with great passion also flamenco guitars which have earned very flattering comments from professionals in the field.

Ten strings

For those who, to fully express their musical ideas, feel the need to extend the range of their guitar, I also produce 7, 8 and 10 stringed instruments.
In particular, my 10 stringed guitar project aims to keep the instrument as light and balanced as possible.



The 10 strings are not equally spaced, but slightly off-set as with baroque lutes and theorbos.
The 4 additional strings can be tuned either diatonically, or as on the guitar used by Narciso Yepes.

Baroque guitar

The instrument displayed here was been made early in my career as a guitar maker and it was inspired by a guitar built by the great Antonio Stradivari around 1680.
The baroque guitar was played from the XVI to the XVII century in Italy, France and Spain.

It's design is based on chamber music. It is an instrument of intimate character. It was used frequently to accompany the human voice but was also played with other instruments. Notable also the compositions for solo guitar that were left for us by composers such as: Lodovico Roncalli ( 1654-1713). Robert DeVisée (1658-1725) and Gaspar Sanz (1640 1710).